RSRP conducts a meeting with the Armenian Nuclear Regulatory Agency (ANRA)

October 18th, 2022 — 

On October 17-18, 2022, the US NRC Radiation Source Regulatory Partnership Program (RSRP) visited Armenia and met with the Armenian Nuclear Regulatory Agency (ANRA) to discuss accomplishments since the last meeting and to identify areas for further collaboration under the RSRP. Meeting attendees included: ANRA Acting Chairman Khachatur Khachikyan, Deputy Chairman Vahe Grigoryan and senior ANRA staff members; Armen Amirjanyan, the Director of ANRA’s technical support organization, the Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center (NRSC); and the AdSTM (contractor) representatives. ANRA presented ongoing activities regarding life extension and licensing of Metzamor NPP unit 2, ANRA’s work related to compliance with the EU directive in the area of Radiation Protection, development of the environmental laboratory and challenges in the area of staff retention, acquisition and training. Discussion focused on a detailed list of on-going and completed work and proposed new tasks to update ANRA’s regulatory framework. The need for ANRA staff training was discussed in some detail. This discussion focused on support needed to extend NRSC’s basic training in the area of Radiation Protection. Special meeting session was devoted to review and resolution of the comments on Phase 1 development and roll-out of the xARIS software.