ARIS Traning in Zambia

May 26th, 2016 — 

From March 13-18 2016, RSRP provided training on the Advanced Regulatory Information System (ARIS 2.2) to the Zambian radiation Protection Authority (RPA). The primary objectives were the installation of the SQL-based ARIS 2.2 software, training for all four modules of software (Licensee, RASOD, Authorization, Inspection), and an introduction to the report system. Training sessions were conducted for each module, and some more difficult exercises were conducted covering the integration between all ARIS modules. Detailed guidance was provided on successful installation/uninstallation of ARIS 2.0 and system backup.

Training was conducted by Grigol Basilia of the Agency of Nuclear and Radiation Safety (LEPL) of Georgia. The visit included discussions with Mr. Boster Dearson Siwila, Executive Director of RPA, regarding current and future projects in strengthening the regulatory oversight of radiation sources in Zambia.