ARIS/RAIS development and coordination

December 21st, 2019 — 

From December 16-20, US NRC and AdSTM staff visited the NRSC, in Yerevan, Armenia and the IAEA, in Vienna, Austria to discuss the status of software development used to create a national registry of radiation sources and enhance a day-to-day regulatory oversight of radiation sources.

In Yerevan, the team discussed user recommendations and updates to ARIS program and determined a path forward for incorporating the changes. These minor updates, when implemented, will improve functionality and user convenience for all ARIS modules. These changes will not require additional training or on-site assistance for database conversion to the latest ARIS code version for most existing RSRP countries.

In Vienna, the NRC and AdSTM staff met with the IAEA staff to discuss updates to the ARIS program (since the first meeting in May 2018) and RAIS+ code development and implementation efforts, expected to be completed in January 2021. The team also discussed the process for disseminating ARIS to RSRP countries and RAIS software to select IAEA Member States in a way that precludes the duplication of effort. The team acknowledged the value in continuing to collaborate on activities in this area and plans to meet periodically.