Consultation with the Instituto Boliviano De Ciencia Y Tecnologìa Nuclear (IBTEN)

May 19th, 2016 — 

From May 10 -12, 2016, AdSTM held a consultation with IBTEN, the nuclear regulatory authority in Bolivia. The consultation was conducted as part of the Radiation Sources Regulatory Partnership (RSRP). The consultation took place at the IBTEN offices located in La Paz, Bolivia. Dr. Charles L. Miller and Dr. Paulo Ferrùz Cruz participated, and met with Alberto Miranda Cuadros, the Director of the Center of Protection and Radiological Safety, IBTEN, and his staff. The focus of the consultation was to discuss the progress made in completing the radioactive source inventory and incorporating it into RASOD software previously supplied by AdSTM, and to develop an action plan, whereby AdSTM can provide additional support in furthering the competence and capacity of IBTEN in performing their regulatory functions. As a result of the consultation, a draft action plan was developed that will result in future targeted expert support that will continue to enhance the partnership over the next couple of years.