Design and Shielding Calculation in Medical Radiological Facilities Workshop for the Radiation Protection Authority in Zambia

February 3rd, 2018 — 

From January 29 – February 2, 2018, a one-week workshop was conducted in Lusaka, Zambia on Design and Shielding Calculation in Medical Radiological Facilities. This is a part of the ongoing RSRP collaboration with the Radiation Protection Authority (RPA) designed to strengthen Radiation Protection program Zambia. Discussions included several medical imaging and therapeutic modalities for purposes of shielding calculations and design optimization, with a special focus on the Radiation Therapy Practice. NCRP145, NCRP147 and NCRP151 served as baseline guidance, recommendations and technical information for the workshop. Software and other computer tools were provided to the participants to support the shielding calculation process. Practical examples were developed by participants under instructor’s supervision, and participants demonstrated newly acquired knowledge through a test that covered all presented topics.