Design and Shielding Workshop for RPB in Kenya

March 10th, 2017 — 

From March 6-10, 2017, RSRP conducted a one-week workshop on Design and Shielding Calculation in Medical Radiological Facilities. This is part of RSRP's ongoing effort to provide in-country support to strengthen Radiation Protection and Safety. During the workshop, several medical imaging and therapeutic modalities were discussed in detail for purposes of shielding calculation and design optimization, with special focus on Cobalt Radiotherapy units. The reference documents for the workshop were NCRP145, NCRP147 and NCRP151. Software and other computer tools were provided to the participants to support the shielding calculation process. The workshop provided many practical examples to participants and participants were tested at the end.

The workshop will help participants to be able to evaluate license submittals containing shielding designs for medical practices using ionizing radiation.