RSRP visits National Atomic Energy Agency, Installs Advanced Regulatory Information System (ARIS) Software (version 2.5)

February 13th, 2019 — 

From February 5-9, 2019, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Radiation Sources Regulatory Partnership (RSRP) visited Mozambique. Eric Stahl of the NRC and Sergey Katsenelenbogen of AdSTM met with the Prof. Alexandre M. Maphossa, Director General of ANEA, and Dr. Mario S. Baloi, Head of Inspection, to discuss RSRP activities in Mozambique, including the planned inventory of radiation sources, x-ray generators and associated equipment, regulatory development and training. Specific discussion focused on Phase 1 of the inventory project, which covers the Maputo area and will begin in February 2019. Concurrently, Grigol Basilia, on behalf of the RSRP, shared the Republic of Georgia’s experience conducting a country wide-inventory and installed the Advance Regulatory Information System (ARIS) Version 2.5 software. Mr. Basilia also provided training on the use of ARIS, particularly the Radiation Sources Database (RASOD) module, and the use of ARIS for licensing and inspection activities.