RSRP delivers consultancy on Radiation Therapy in Zambia

March 30th, 2019 — 

From March 25 to March 29, 2019, a consultation under the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s RSRP was conducted at the Radiation Protection Authority in Lusaka, Zambia. Ms. Diana Thompson provided a workshop with information and guidance with the objective of strengthening regulation of medical facilities conducting treatments of patients through the use of a Linear Accelerator and High Dose-rate Remote Afterloader brachytherapy devices. The topics covered included:

  • Regulation of Linear Accelerators
  • Licensing and Registration of Linear Accelerators
  • Inspection of Linear Accelerator Facilities
  • Regulation of High Dose-rate Remote Afterloaders and Teletherapy
  • Licensing of High Dose-rate Remote Afterloaders and Teletherapy
  • Inspection of High Dose-rate Remote Afterloader and Teletherapy Facilities
  • Discussion and recommendations for overall improvement of the regulation of the subject facilities
  • A site visit of the Medical Facility was conducted with the licensing and inspection staff of the Radiation Protection Authority
  • Team Project of updating an Inspection Checklist for Linear Accelerators using American Association of Physicist in Medicine Task Group paper recommendations and Council of Radiation Control Program Director Suggested State Regulations. 
  • Action Plan Development for Regulation, Licensing and Inspection of the Radiotherapy Facility and Service Providers.

The visit provided the Radiation Protection Authority with a detailed plan including a timeline for implementing objectives, including drafting new regulation through March 2020.