RSRP program review meetings in Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Panama

April 30th, 2013 — 

RSRP progress meetings were held during April 22-April 26, 2013 in Dominican Republic. Discussions were held with CNE (National Commission for Energy) regarding the results of Phase 1 of radiation sources inventory (Santo Domingo /city and province/ and Mote Plata) and plans for Phase 2, which will cover the northern provinces of the country. RSRP staff also assisted with radiation sources and x-ray reporting capabilities of RASOD, and discussed potential assistance with inspection training of CNE staff and licensing. In Guatemala, RSRP staff met with the Department of Radiological Protection (Ministry of Energy and Mines) and discussed the results of inventorization, and formulated a plan for completion of equipment tagging / national registry to include sources at existing facilities and interim storage. A new version of RASOD/AUTHORIZATION software was installed and assistance was provided for the source inventory reporting capabilities. In Panama, RSRP staff met with the Ministry of Health and UDELAS university to discuss upcoming 2013 post graduate course on radiation protection to begin in September 2013. They also tested internet capabilities at UDELAS for possibility for virtual participation of Don Bosco university of El Salvador in the 2013 post graduate course.