RSRP upgrades regulatory infrastructure in Tajikistan

November 10th, 2014 — 

RSRP supported the building and equipment of a new conference hall for Tajik Nuclear and Radiation Safety Agency. The opening of the conference hall took place on November 3, 2014 in the presence of the prime minister of Tajikistan, Mr. Qohir Rasulzoda, president of the Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan, Mr. Farhod Rahimi, director of the Agency Mr. U. M. Mirsaidov, representative of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Mr. Jack Ramsey, representative of the US Embassy in Tajikistan, Mr. Fred Carter, and other officials and guests.

The Nuclear and Radiation Safety Agency has plans to enhance the new supplementary physical infrastructure in the future to fully equipped training center for both its personnel and personnel of other national agencies participating in radiation safety and security program in Tajikistan.