RSRP visit to Moldova

November 27th, 2017 — 

Peter Kelm of AdSTM visited Moldova during November 13-15, 2017 to discuss the ongoing and potential RSRP collaboration projects with representatives of NARNRA, the Moldovan National Agency for Regulation and Radiological Activities

The meeting addressed the successful update and/or development of 15 regulations.The meeting reviewed and updated Action Plan activities for 2018/19. It contains NARNRA requests for a server to support ARIS application, for transportation to support inspection activities and assistance in development of a National Emergency Response Plan (NERP). NERP development is mandatory to bring National Legislation in compliance with the IAEA requirements and European directives.

RSRP installed the latest version of the Advanced Regulatory Information System (ARIS) and provided training for NARNRA staff.  ARIS version 2.5 improved operation of all modules (RASOD, LICENSEE, AUTHORIZATION and INSPECTION). NARNRA staff received detailed instructions on software administration with emphasis on software installation/uninstallation, data import/backup and system security. 

Dr. Vasile Benea, Acting Director of NARNRA, Dr. Ionel Balan, Deputy NARNRA Director, and Dr. Semeon Nedealcov, Director of INOTEH company participated in the meeting. G. Basilia of Georgia performed ARIS installation and training.