RSRP work planning meeting with NRSC of Armenia

February 9th, 2017 — 

AdSTM (Peter Kelm, Sergey Katsenelenbogen) met with Armenian Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center NRSC (Armen Amirjanyan)during January 30-31, 2017 in Yerevan to plan 2017 RSRP activities. RSRP will support ANRA in reviewing existing Atomic Law of Armenia and in drafting the structure and the outline of the content of the new Law in compliance with the IAEA Standards. RSRP will support NRSC to develop technical specifications for the establishment of a radiological services laboratory in Armenia based on current infrastructure needs.

NRSC will continue to provide maintenance support to the ARIS (Advanced Regulatory Information System) user group in some 20 countries of the FSU, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. NRSC in consultation with the ARIS user group will develop the technical specification for OCCUDOSES - a new ARIS module that will account for personnel radiation exposure. For more information on ARIS go to