Technical Workshop on Design and Shielding Calculation in Medical Radiological Facilities in Panama

March 3rd, 2016 — 

From February 22nd-26th, 2016, the RSRP conducted a one-week workshop was in Panama City, discussing Design and Shielding Calculation in Medical Radiological Facilities. The workshop was part of the undergoing collaboration with the Panamanian Regulatory Authority which aims to strengthen Radiation Protection in the Republic of Panama. The activity generated a great deal of national interest from many sectors related to Radiation Protection.

During the workshop, several medical imaging and therapeutic modalities were discussed in detail for purposes of shielding calculation and design considerations. The bibliographic references for the workshop were the documents NCRP145, NCRP147 and NCRP151. Software and other computer tools were provided to the participants to support the shielding calculation process, giving practical examples to participants with instructor supervision.

At the end of the workshop, participants demonstrated the new acquired knowledge through a test that covered all developed topics. It is important to note that the Regulatory Authority and users participated together in an environment that motivated many productive discussions about criteria applied by the Regulatory Authority for shielding assessments.

Representing AdSTM were Charles Miller and Mario Rodriguez.