Visit by High-Level Dominican Republic Representative

February 23rd, 2012 — 

On February 22-23, 2012, Ms. Ingrid Martinez, head of the CNE, visited the Nuclear Regulatory Commission headquarters in Rockville, Maryland for discussions on how the NRC conducts public outreach. During her visit, Ms. Martinez had a tour of the Public Document Room and a discussion of the tools and resources for the public’s access to NRC’s processes and decisions. She also met with representatives from the Office of Congressional Affairs; had a briefing on event reporting through the International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale (INES) Notification System to the International Atomic Energy Agency; toured the NRC’s Professional Development Center, met with representatives of the Office of Human Resources to discuss NRC qualifications training and NRC’s approach to training decisions and ensuring high quality results; met with representatives from the Office of the Executive Director for Operations to discuss communications training for NRC staff; attended a public meeting of the Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards on power uprates for nuclear power plants; met with staff from the Office of Public Affairs; met with staff from the Office of International Programs to discuss the response to Fukushima and public interaction during the event; met with staff from the Office of Federal and State Materials and Environmental Management Programs to discuss public interaction and approaches to NRC rulemaking and NRC outreach and distribution of information to State Liaison officers and Radiation Control Program Directors, Coordination with NRC Regions I, II, III, IV, and Tribal Outreach; and had a discussion on the use of NRC facilitators in public outreach and meetings.