Workshop on ARIS v2.0 in Yerevan

December 31st, 2014 — 

Radiation Sources Regulatory Partnership (RSRP) program sponsored a workshop on the new version of Advanced Regulatory Information System (ARIS v2.0). Held in Yerevan, Armenia, December 17-20, 2014, the workshop was organized by the Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center, the developer of the ARIS software.

Two new modules have been added to ARIS v2.0 system, namely

  • NUCMAT/LOF, as a simplified version of nuclear materials accounting system for countries without nuclear facilities, where only a limited amount is at “Location Outside of Facility“ (LOF) and therefore accounting is performed only at the country level by the regulatory body. NUCMAT/LOF is capable of generating reports requested by IAEA.
  • Inspection module, as a module to support inspection activities. The module is considered to be inspections database and report generation system. It allows input, processing, tracking and following-up information on inspections, including penalties and sanctions. The system generates flexible reports giving the possibility to include or exclude every parameter of the inspection.

The workshop program included detailed presentations on all new modules and features of ARIS v2.0. It focused primarily on practical exercises on how to upgrade ARIS to version 2.0 and new modules NUCMAT and Inspection, but also included a broad overview about the whole system for observers.

Eight participants attended the workshop from countries that use the ARIS software (Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan). Also in attendance were two observers form Belarus and two others from PNNL (USA). All participants actively worked with the new version and reviewed new features. Based on their comments and requests, a list of recommendations for further enhancements was prepared.

The ARIS v2.0 demo, discussion forum, manuals and installation pack will be available at for registered users.