The Program

The Radiation Sources Regulatory Partnership (RSRP) is a US NRC funded program that assists member country partners to strengthen regulatory control over the use of radiation sources and X-ray generators. The purpose of RSRP is to supplement the efforts of domestic regulatory authorities to improve safe and secure use of radiation sources. RSRP program elements follows major recommendations of Code of Conduct for Safe and Secure Use of Radiation Sources (IAEA, 2004). The program is consistent with applicable IAEA safety standards and recommendations. The RSRP is oriented towards the “best of the class” practices of regulators in countries of comparable size regulatory programs (SUJB (Czech Republic), and RSC (Lithuania)).

RSRP is product oriented

Each RSRP project produces a specific result for each country. It may be a national registry of radiation sources, a Law or Government decree that has been promulgated, new operator licenses that result from the user outreach effort, licensing / inspection procedure that becomes an instrument for a day-to-day regulatory oversight. Even in the education area, the success of the program is measured by the tangible benefit such as a number of gainfully employed radiation safety officers that graduated from the post-graduate program in Panama in 2011. Every RSRP project is driven by an agreement between the RSRP and the partner organization (or in-country Technical Support Organization) with well-defined schedule and outcome. RSRP continues to improve the ways of working with existing engaging and engaging new partners.