International Cooperation

Second Regional RSRP Meeting in Latin America
Sixth regional RSRP meeting in Tbilisi, Georgia

Regional Cooperation

Regional cooperation is a significant component of the RSRP program. In 2007 RSRP organized a Russian-speaking group of regulators to periodically meet and discuss regulatory issues of common interest. The meeting in Yerevan (2007), were followed by similar events in Chisinau (2008, 2015), Tbilisi (2010, 2016) and Tashkent (2012). Similarly Spanish speaking group of regulators met in Panama in 2013 and in Uruguay in 2016. The first RSRP Africa meeting is planned for 2018. These meetings allow the regulators to discuss common issues and share experience with fellow regulators. 

IAEA, Regional Networks and Donor Countries Collaboration 

RSRP closely cooperates with IAEA regional and national activities. This cooperation takes many forms both for the RSRP and IRDP programs ( RSRP supports IAEA programs by providing cost free experts in support of regulatory program review missions, support regional Technical Cooperation projects related to radiation sources, consultancy meetings to update/develop IAEA guidance and to support various training activities. 

RSRP and IRDP cooperate with the IAEA supported professional networks in the countries of Africa and Middle East through activities conducted by/for FNRBA (Forum of Nuclear Regulatory Bodies of Africa) and ANNuR (Arab Network of Nuclear Regulators). RSRP and IRDP staged several workshops on radiotherapy and on various aspects of reactor programs including Nuclear Executive Workshop, Reactor Siting, Construction Permits Reviews, SMR workshops (IAEA led).  

RSRP provides support to regional programs sponsored by Korean Institute for Nuclear Safety as invited lectures for workshops on safety and security of radiation sources. Both RSRP and IRDP supported in expert capacity numerous events hosted by Argonne National Laboratory and Texas A&M on multitude of topics on radiation protection and reactor safety.