Workshop for The Dominican Republic on "Overview of Industrial Nuclear Gauge Licensing Process and Inspection of Nuclear Gauge Operations"

June 10th, 2023 — 

The US NRC Radiation Source Regulatory Partnership (RSRP) delivered a workshop to Seven (7) staff members from National Commission of Energy (CNE) and two (2) industrial gauge licensee authorized users on the licensing and inspection of Industrial Nuclear Gauge practices. 

The workshop included three formal in-class sessions and two days of on-site inspections. The in-class sessions focused on industrial nuclear gauge safety and security, with focus on the licensing process and inspection protocols The on-site inspections focused on the inspection process and inspection protocols at a portable nuclear gauge licensed facility including the demonstration of equipment calibrations and moisture/density measurements. The inspections provided an overview of the key aspects to target during an inspection at temporary job sites including security of nuclear material during storage and transport.