RSRP Visits Chad

November 28th, 2017 — 

On November 27, 2017, John Kinneman of AdSTM, Inc visited the Chadian Agency for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (ATRSN) in N’djamena, Chad to discuss how RSRP can further support the achievement of the plans and objectives of ATRSN. Following a visit by RSRP in February of 2015, ARIS was installed at ATRSN and a national inventory of sources of ionizing radiation was completed. During the current visit, Deputy Director General and the staff of ATRSN discussed their experiences during the inventory process and with the RASOD module of ARIS. In addition, the management and staff presented their objectives for capacity building for ATRSN including improving communication abilities, their guides for the conduct of inspections and issuing authorizations and the importance of sensitizing individuals using sources of ionizing radiation to the importance following safety procedures. ATRSN and AdSTM began the development of an Action Plan during the meeting and will work together to finalize a plan for continued cooperation under RSRP.