RSRP and the Ecuadorian Regulatory Authority continue to strengthen collaboration

August 25th, 2017 — 

RSRP visited the Regulatory Authority from August 21-25 to discuss the 2017-18 support activities and specifically a plan to improve a national registry of the radiation sources in Ecuador. AdSTM experts installed ARIS ver. 2.5 software and conducted in-depth training. Regulatory staff performed a number of exercises that demonstrates functionality and integrated operation of the ARIS system. Participants shared experience with collecting inventory information and development of national registries in other RSRP countries. AdSTM and the Regulatory Authority discussed the details and agreed to proceed expeditiously with the project to develop a national registry. Participants discussed and agreed to finalize and to schedule RSRP activities in the areas of regulatory development, licensing and inspections. These activities will be added to the RSRP master plan for participating countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. 

The RSRP visit was attended by Rodrigo Salas Ponce (Under Secretary of Control and Nuclear Applications), Natali Chavez Olea (Director of Licensing and Radiation Protection) and Sergey Katsenelenbogen, Grigol Basilia and Mario Rodriguez of AdSTM.