RSRP Visits Kenya

December 1st, 2017 — 

From November 29 to December 1, 2017, John Kinneman of AdSTM, Inc. conducted an RSRP program assessment at the National Radiation Protection Board, Ministry of Health, Republic of Kenya in Nairobi, Kenya. The assessment included meetings with the Acting Chief Executive Officer, other managers and the technical staff of the Radiation Protection Board, an overview of the National laws and regulatory structure and discussion of the uses of sources of ionizing radiation in the country. There is a clear history of expanding focus on radiation safety in Kenya, based in the Ministry of Health. The Board has approximately twenty-two technical staff, a Headquarters office in Nairobi and six regional offices. The Board recognizes the need for additional legislation to expand the independence and authority of the Board and is working to have appropriate legal changes adopted. Using their current authority, they have actively implemented an effective inspection and authorization program including creating an inventory of approximately 90% of the sources of ionizing radiation in the country. There are active interfaces with other government agencies, with emphasis on security of radioactive material. During the assessment, the AdSTM and Board representatives identified activities to support the objectives of the Board for further development and will continue to discuss and agree on an Action Plan for implementation under RSRP.