RSRP visits Kyrgyzstan

July 8th, 2017 — 

Peter Kelm of AdSTM visited Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan to discuss RSRP activities during the week of July 3-7, 2017. The regulatory system was re-organized during recent years, and it is complex.

Meetings took place with representatives of the three organizations responsible for Nuclear and Radiation Safety:

  • State Regulation Centre of the Environmental Protection and Ecological Safety in the Agency on Environment Protection and Forestry under the Government of Kyrgyzstan,
  • Department of Nuclear and Radiological Safety at State Inspection for Ecological and Technical Safety at the Government, responsible for safety of radioactive sources used in the industry, and 
  • Department of state disease control of Ministry of Health, responsible for use of radiological sources used in medicine.

Joint and separate meetings with senior management of all three organizations took place to review typical scope of RSRP activities and how these could be applied in Kyrgyzstan. The discussion focused on providing RSRP support to increase regulator’s capabilities with specific emphasis on updating regulatory basis and inspector training. 

The Action Plan is under development.