RSRP visits National Radiation Safety Agency of the Republic of Tajikistan

Mr. I. Mirsaidov (top left), Mr. J. Salomov (bottom left), Mr. P. Kelm (top right), Mr. A. Sufiev (bottom right)
Border Training Checkpoint
Suspective Trucks investigation Place
M.Akhmedov and P. Kelm at Training Center
March 14th, 2018 — 

RSRP visited the Nuclear & Radiation Safety Agency (NRSA) of the Republic of Tajikistan, in Dushanbe, February 19 through 21, 2018, holding meetings with senior NRSA management to discuss the next steps of cooperation with the Agency.

By the end of 2018, the NRSA will move to a larger office located in a new Academy of Sciences building that is nearing completion. This new office is expected to have a separate room for two additional experts solely responsible for the Advanced Regulatory Information System (ARIS). ARIS update and training course for NRSA staff will be completed in late 2018/beginning of 2019.

NRSA reported progress to extend the Seminar building, originally sponsored by the RSRP/USNRC project and inaugurated in 2014, to a Regional Training Center. An additional meeting room for up to 80 participants will be completed in March 2018. A border checkpoint control area for trucks and pedestrians for training purposes is in the final stages of completion. This checkpoint control area will allow for improved training of Tajik customs officers to prevent the unauthorized transport of radioactive substances.

The increasing volume of imported equipment for medical purposes generating radiation is proving to be a challenge for the Agency. NRSA intends to conduct another countrywide survey for reporting the inventory of this type of equipment. The last survey of this kind took place approximately 10 years ago. Potential RSRP support for this effort was discussed. NRSA reported the ongoing update and extension of the Atomic Energy Act, and the need to update and extend the Regulation. RSRP support for this effort was discussed.

Participants discussed the status of the current Action Plan and additional proposals from NRSA.

NRSA will host the next Regional RSRP meeting in Tajikistan in the fall of 2018.

The meetings were attended by Mr. Ilhom MIRSAIDOV (Director, NRSA), Mr. Matin AKHMEDOV (Deputy Director, NRSA), Mr. Alimahmad SUFIEV (Head of Inspection and Licensing Department, NRSA), Mr. Azimjon BAROTOV (Head of Information and International Relation Department, NRSA), Mr. Jabor SALOMOV (Leading Researcher, responsible for RSRP), and Peter KELM from AdSTM.