World Nuclear University (WNU) Radiation Technology School

May 22nd, 2012 — 

From May 12-19, 2012, Skip Young attended the WNU Radiation Technology School as a guest speaker. The WNU Radiation Technology School is a training program aimed at younger professionals who will hold managerial roles in radiation technology (RT) production and applications. These RT professionals will be responsible for implementing their national laws and regulations to ensure the safe and secure use of radiation sources The Radiation Technology School's three-week program features: lectures from some of the world's foremost leaders in the area of radioisotope production and application; small group work, where participants tackle case studies and develop proposals for resolving some of the major issues within the field; and technical visits to RT-related sites. Mr. Young attended the first week of the Radiation Technology School where he provided a lecture on IAEA’s Code of Conduct for Radioactive Sources. This school complements the NRC’s Radiation Sources Regulatory Partnership program to strengthen the safety and security cultures that will be developed and implemented by these upcoming first line supervisors for the proper use of radioactive materials.